Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Swines That You Are

This is my take on "Swine Flu", the pandemic that never was! And boy, did they have a lot of people buying brown trousers and face masks! All done now, as of today, it's officially over and the panic is over, we're told! So, I was bloody right after all, my words were true!!

The Swines That You Are

You best beware the swine flu, you best be very feared
But lately a’ve been wonderin’ if it’s a’ been engineered!
It was foisted on us months ago like some new kind ‘o plague
But to me it’s very dubious and very, very vague!

Now if this awful swine flu was really tae be so bad
It’d be somethin’ that by now we’d surely a’ have had!
But they’ve put it bye for winter, now that’s when it’ll strike
Well if they think I’m swallowin’ that they can go an’ take a hike!

Cos’ they like to keep you in yer place,they want to grind ye down
They’ll fill yer heid wi’ nonsense,they’ll try tae win you round
They’ll be our saviours in recession and this global “epidemic”
Makin’ out they really care is now inherently systemic.

Now the real swines that a’ hope that are gonna’ catch this flu
Will be the ones that invented it, no the likes ‘o me and you
Just remember that you’ve no to believe everything you hear
Question everything they tell you an’ it’ll ‘a be very clear!

But if you find yersel’ wonderin’ what steps that you can take
Jist dinny touch their antidote, it could be a huge mistake
Just phone the self care helpline is the government’s retort
And only phone the doacter as a really last resort!


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